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At Pampa Direct you can source all products from South America

We work alongside with manufacturers, brands and local partners in order to reach most cities and countries in the World including the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, Spain, France, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and 80 more countries.

If you are looking for wholesale tapas de empanadas, pan de miga, yerba mate, alfajores or dulce de leche, we can supply your business. We work together with restaurants, retail stores, food industry companies, and specialized boutique stores, among other businesses.

Popular wholesale food products also include chorizo, chilled & frozen premium meat cuts, specialty flours, and spices such as aji molido, chimichurri, oregano. Popular wholesale non-food products include sports apparel & traditional clothes, mate gourds, bags, specialty polo & leather goods, and beauty & cleaning products.

For wholesale purchases or commercial inquiries, please fill out the form below or contact us in English, Spanish, Hebrew or Portuguese at If applicable, make sure to include destination city/port/country, description of products, requested quantities, estimated required delivery date, preferred incoterms.

Usual business hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm (EST). Availability during public holidays and weekends may be limited.