10 Most Used Meat Cuts in Argentine Barbecue Asado Parrilla

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 most used cuts of meat in Argentine barbecue.

Argentine meat has a reputation for being delicious, but its success in roasts lies not only in the quality of the cows, but also in the cuts used. That is why, whether you are planning an Argentine barbecue or barbecue for your event or if you love meat, today we will tell you the 10 most used cuts of meat in Argentine barbecue.

Tira de asado
The favorite of many, this cut is also a classic that you can not stop trying. It is a cut that is made in the ribs crosswise and leaves a few centimeters of meat. The best of this cut? Roll up your sleeves and take the bone with your hands when eating!

This is one of the best cuts when it comes to eating roast meat, especially when it is of quality, since it is extremely tasty and fibrous. If the grill knows how to cook it well (and believe me, we know how to do it) it is the tastiest cut there is. In addition, it is located in one of the most usable sectors of the cow, what better guarantee than that?

Located between the ribs and the skin, it is one of the leanest and healthiest cuts that exist. Although it is usually cooked also stuffed, the roasted matambre and the verdeo is a gastronomic piece that you MUST try. Cut tender, lean and healthy, what better than that? This meat requires special care when grilling.

Colita de cuadril
A roast lover's favorite, colita de cuadril has so many ways to be prepared that it's understandable why everyone includes it (especially on special occasions). It is a cut that is boneless and is located in an excellent area of the cow, full of meat and almost no fat. A way to cook a tail tail? Stuffed with garlic and parsley!

One of the fashions of Argentinean grills, entrañas have a large following thanks to their intense flavor and crisp texture. It is not recommended to include it if there is no expert grill (that's what you have us for, right?), Since it can shrink a lot and you won't be able to share it with the guests.

Bife de chorizo
Not to be confused with chorizo! This cut of meat is THE favorite of many Argentines. The reason? Taste, texture, and that perfect combination with the bone. Nothing more to say about it!

While their name may be somewhat "unpleasant," sweetbreads have their fans who can't eat barbecue without including them. Some call them "roast caviar". The detail they love the most? The more crispy, the better. Dare to try them!

If the occasion is special, it is worth including. It is a tender cut, with an intense flavor and a texture that melts in the mouth. It's worth something it's worth, right?

Argentina is divided between those who cannot eat a roast without hatches, and those who hate them deeply. The reason? Its origin. As it happens, achuras (part of the hatchling team) are somewhat controversial. They are made up of chinchulines, kidneys, brains, fat gut and the aforementioned gizzards. Do you understand why the controversy?

This cut of meat, not so mentioned in Argentine barbecues, is quite delicious on the grill. You probably know it as flat, since it is the name by which it is known here, in Spain.

6th May 2020

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