Can I buy argentine pan de miga in Israel?

When it comes to typical Argentine snacks, we need to mention the classic crumb bread sandwich (better known as ‘sanguchito de miga’ or ‘tostado de miga’ in Spanish). In Argentina, it's very common for people to order this in coffee shops or even buy a dozen of them to share with friends and family during teatime. There are many varieties: ham and cheese sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, salami and cheese sandwiches, and tuna and olive sandwiches, among others.

Just like drinking mate, eating crumb bread sandwiches is part of Argentinians daily life and one of the country’s well-rooted traditions. This may be the reason why one of the most frequent questions by Argentines who have moved abroad is Where can I buy pan de miga in Israel? or Can I get pan de miga from Argentina to Israel?

And the answer is you can! If you are living in Israel and want to buy white crumb bread or to make typical crumb bread sandwiches at home, you can do so through Pampa Direct. This is an online store that offers international shipping of all kinds of Argentine products, from food items (such as alfajores, dulce de leche and yerba mate) to books in Spanish, board games, grills to prepare asado barbecue, hygiene and cleaning products, and plenty more.

Buy Argentine crumb bread online and have it delivered to your doorstep in Israel in record time.

17th Oct 2023

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