Enhance your mate game with the Un Mate kit

At the heart of Argentine culture lies mate, a deeply-rooted tradition that extends beyond being a mere beverage. Mate is a ritual, a symbol of friendship, and an expression of identity. If you've never tried this organic South American drink, you can explore Pampa Direct and discover over 100 varieties of yerba mate available to taste this infusion.

Now, if what you're looking for is to elevate your mate experience, we have a special selection of products for you from the renowned brand Un Mate.

Optimize your mate tradition with these innovative products

Among the brand’s top-selling products are:

Shop Un Mate worldwide through Pampa Direct

With Pampa Direct, you can enjoy the quality of Un Mate products no matter where you are. Get Un Mate exclusively through our online platform and have your order delivered to your doorstep in Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Israel or any other country in the world.

9th Apr 2024

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