Sal Parrillera, BBQ Salt or Grilling Salt: Where Can I Get It & What Is It?

Most of the time, we know little about the condiments we use every day to season our meals, even, being such a common ingredient, we think we know what sea salt is for, but did you know that it has different uses and variants? Then we will talk more about it.

Sea salt is known in the world for being a natural ingredient due to its extraction method and the few industrial processes it goes through before it reaches our homes.

Its production process allows obtaining other types of salt that, although they retain the same properties, have different uses. One of these variants is grain salt, which has properties and characteristics that can be used to prepare certain dishes. Normally, it is used to cook meat or vegetables, because as it takes to melt, food is salted at the ideal time and evenly.

Within the variety of salts, there is also BBQ salt or sal parrillera, which is one of the most used by people who enjoy roasting meats and organizing grills with friends and family.

Although both differ from table salt because they do not go through the grinding process, each one has characteristics and properties that will help you know which one to use depending on the dish you are going to cook.

Grain salt is obtained from the evaporation of seawater, because of this, unlike mine salt, it is more natural and contains a large amount of minerals, such as sulfur, bromine, magnesium chloride, sodium, potassium, fluorine, aluminum, phosphorus, iron, manganese and selenium.

Coarse salt or grain salt stands out from the other types of salt because of its size and thickness, since, unlike table salt, it does not go through the refining process, so it maintains its shape and retains its natural attributes.

Actually, the only thing that changes between these salts, is the size of the grain, since the grilling salt is more whole, which makes the difference between a cut of well seasoned meat and a very salty one; That is why this salt is the most recommended to enhance the taste of beef, pork and chicken.

Due to the thickness and properties of the grilled salt, when salting the meat, it absorbs only what it needs and rejects the rest when it is turned on the grill, improving its texture and intensifying its flavor at an exact point by also fusing with the juices that It contains the meat.

That is why, with grilling salt, it is very complicated to salt the meat more as it often happens when it is seasoned with other types of salt, such as table salt.

Now that you know that grilled salt is the most recommended to season the cuts of meat, use it the next time you meet with your friends to enjoy a barbecue of champions, giving your barbecue the ideal flavor.

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2nd Oct 2019

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