Where to buy alfajor Havanna super dulce de leche outside Argentina

Just a few months ago, Havanna -the international chocolate brand specially known for its delicious alfajores launched its latest creation: the alfajor Havanna super dulce de leche.

This is a gluten-free alfajor, suitable for celiacs. Its dough is made from corn starch, almond flour and rice flour. Apart from having double the amount of dulce de leche, it is filled with chopped almonds.

This alfajor is now available for everyone at Pampa Direct, the international source for Argentine and Uruguayan products. The page, works as an online supermarket of South American products, and there is a wide variety of Havanna products, such as cereal bars, dulce de leche cones dipped in milk chocolate and white chocolate, lemon cookies, different chocolates, dulce de leche, and a wide variety of their alfajores.

Let's recall some of Havanna’s greatest delights:

Dulce de leche and Italian meringue alfajor.

Fruit alfajor (filled with quince jam and with meringue topping).

Dulce de leche and walnuts alfajor, covered with white chocolate.

Alfajor Semilia - gluten free alfajor, made of 6 different seeds (sesame, sunflower, quinoa, poppy, flax and chia), with dulce de leche filling and bitter chocolate dipping.

Cocoa alfajor, filled with dulce de leche and covered in semi-dark chocolate.

Alfajor 70% pure cocoa, filled with dulce de leche and covered by a double layer of chocolate.

Traditional Havanna mixed alfajores, filled with dulce de leche and covered with milk chocolate or white chocolate.


Find all these products and more at Pampa Direct. International shipping and free shipping promotions available.

4th May 2022

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