Kraus Organic Yerba Mate (500 g / 1.1 lb)

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  • Kraus Organic Yerba Mate (500 g / 1.1 lb)
  • Kraus Organic Yerba Mate (500 g / 1.1 lb)
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Independent reviews

"A unique and recognizable, Kraus Orgánica is not afraid to go its own way. Organic and non-smoked, this yerba mate has a character that sets it apart from the majority of other Argentine brands. Complex enough for seasoned materos, with smooth and pleasant taste that will appeal to beginners - Kraus Orgánica simply gives you no reasons not to like it." -- Matexperience

"Fresh, natural, vibrant, and healthy sum up this yerba mate. Thanks to its non-smoked methods and organic certification, Kraus is a sure crowd-pleaser. With absolutely no hints of smoke, many beginners will find this to be friendly on their palate. While advanced drinkers will find it to be a nice change from the popular smoked mates. I wish I could compare Kraus to other mates I’ve tried in the past, but there’s nothing else like it. If anything, I can only think of chimarrao – the powdery green Brazilian mate – because of its grassy flavor. But other than that, it’s one-of-a-kind." -- Yerba Mate Lab

About the producer

We work the land with great respect and love for nature, following the principles of sustainable agriculture to achieve soil conservation and fertility in the long term and for future generations. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers on our crops. We work with the systems provided by nature, we let the leaves and flowers of the crops remain in the soil and recycle, and we favor biodiversity in its entirety by integrating crops and forests and carrying out reforestation with native trees. Produced in Colonia Santo Domingo Savio, San Ignacio, Misiones Province, Argentina. Surrounded by beautiful highlands with native forests and overflowing rivers.

Nutrition facts

Based on analysis for 50 g yerba mate extracted with 200 ml water at 70 °C.

Standard caffeine content: 262 mg (high).

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Additional Information

Misiones, Argentina
USDA Certified - OIA Certified
Gluten Free:
Con palo:
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9 Reviews

  • 5
    I like this Yerba mate a lot, not bitter taste

    I’ll order it again

  • 5

    Excellent tea!

  • 5
    Muy buena yerba, sin polvo y orgánica

    Muy buena yerba, sin polvo y orgánica

  • 5
    KRAUS YERBA con palo

    an excellent 100% smoke=free/unsmoked organic yerba i enjoy drinking regularly. i also like their Gaucho variety. Here's their words from their website [link "Kraus Organic & Fair Trade Yerba Mate Unsmoked"] : “Our Yerba Mate Kraus is elaborated by a unique drying system, created and implemented by Juan Ángel Kraus, a system that has a flow of hot air produced by the indirect heat of a boiler. In this way, we obtain a smoke-free product, with a mild flavor and delicate aroma. We produce Kraus yerba mate in agroecological and organic form, without using agrochemicals, promoting biodiversity in your crops and natural processes such as pest control and nutrient recycling. Once harvested, Kraus yerba mate is processed by a unique system that produces smoke-free yerba.”

  • 5
    Excellent Tea and Packaging

    Tea arrived today packed tightly. I was smiling when I opened it because of the candies you put in to brighten the package! So sweet and considerate, and such a friendly feeling. Also, I love this brand of yerba mate and am glad that I found it at a good price here at Pampa Direct. Thank You so much, and Happy New Year!!!

  • 4
    Muy buena, orgánica

    Muy buena orgánica

  • 5
    Kraus orgánica yerba mate

    Buenísima yerba mate! Llegó perfecto a USA con envío gratis. Muchas gracias!

  • 5
    Krause Yerba Mate

    A very enjoyable Yerba Mate. Mild, flavorful, no bitterness. Very good distribution of leaves, powder and stems for brewing.

  • 5

    A really strong yerba, highly energy boosting, great for studying or creating music. THanks and regards.

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