A Different Way To Drink Mate

Did you know that Mate can also be flavored? Yes! There are plenty of options to choose from if you don’t enjoy the classic taste of Yerba Mate, and today we’re a going to explore a few of them so you can select which is best for you!

Historically, it is said that the typical and classic way to have a Mate is with hot –not boiled- water and without any sugar. In this post we explained how to prepare the perfect mate, and in this one a little list about the different categories of Yerba Mate you can find on the market. The truth is that bitter or sweet, hot or cold; there is not a correct way of drinking mate. Yes, there is a classical and typical way, but it is not mandatory to like how it tastes that way.

Even though some Argentine people preach that a real Mate drinker must like it as it comes and don’t accept any debate on the matter, there is a reality where a lot of people can’t enjoy the strong bitter taste of the Yerba because of how rough it can be on their stomachs. That is why plenty of variations and types of Yerba Mate exist.

First we will give you a few natural and organic options to sweeten and give a little bit of flavor to your mate.

  • One of our favorites is Stevia. This plant or herb is originally from Paraguay and Brazil, but also grows in Argentina. It is a little bit sweeter than sugar, but way healthier since it doesn’t have much calories.
  • If you don’t mind it being sweet or bitter but you prefer to add a dash of flavor to your infusion, you can add orange or lemon peel. The citric touch will not only make your Mate tastier but it will also prevent you from suffering the heartburn that some Yerba Mate can cause.

  • Coffee. Yes. Coffee. Some of us can’t choose which is better, so we mix them. Add a teaspoon of your favorite ground coffee every two Mates, and you will have the perfect combination of the best infusions of the world mixed into one.
  • Honey: Mate sweetened with honey is not only one of the most natural ways of sweeten it, but also one that can be good for your voice. If you suffer from strep throat often, it is a nice and soft choice to sweeten your Mate.

Now, a few options of Yerba Mate brands where you can choose from if you want to try flavored Mate:

- Cbsé: This argentine brand is actually known because of the wide variety of flavored Yerba Mates you can choose from. Their catalogue goes from the ones that contain highland herbs (Hierbas serranas), sweetened with stevia or honey, and also a few flavored with lemon, grapefruit and also –“Guaraná”

- Cachamai: One of the pioneers brands of the country to produce natural products. Their line of Yerba Mates is called CachaMate, and it offers a lot of options such as Herbs from the Litoral, Herbs from Cuyo, and “functional” herbs, which are the ones that are good for your health. Each blend is composed from different types of natural herbs from our country.

- VerdeFlor: Another brand that also offers a variety of functional herb-blends, all good for your health and ideal to prevent the usual heartburn that drinking Mate can give you. You can choose highland herbs, flavored with Cedrón, lemon and Verbena, orange peels and also with Boldo.

What do you think? Do you like to drink flavored Mates? Don’t forget you can find all of the brands mentioned in the post here at

10th May 2021

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