Buy Mamuschka chocolates in Canada with Pampa Direct's international shipping service

If you're a chocolate lover living in Canada, we have some good news for you: we can deliver the exquisite flavors of the Argentine Patagonia right to your doorstep, wherever you are.

In addition to having all the Argentine sweets (from those you ate when you were younger like Bananita Dolca to the newest alfajores on the market, such as the famous Havanna Mar del Plata), at Pampa Direct we also have an exclusive selection of chocolates from one of the most recognized brands in the south of the country: Mamuschka.

This brand, originated in Bariloche, has delicious, gluten-free & kosher artisan creations: chocolate bars, bombons, mini cakes, and a huge variety of jams. Have a look at Mamuschka’s most outstanding products available for direct shipping to Canada and other countries in the world:

Wish to enjoy the authentic flavors of Argentine Patagonia? Enter here and discover our entire selection of exclusive chocolates from Bariloche, suitable for those needing gluten-free food. Order today and receive the best products in Canada with our worldwide shipping service.

16th May 2024

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