Buy tapas de empanadas from Argentina in USA

To all the Argentinians, Uruguayans and latinos living in the United States, and even to those Americans who have tried and loved Argentine cuisine, here’s some good news for you: you can get your tapas de empanadas shipped all the way from Argentina to North America in less than 3 days! That’s right, you can now prepare this Argentine dish from home, even if you are miles away from Argentina.

Pampa Direct offers international shipping of tapas de empanadas so you can keep in touch with your traditions even if you no longer live in your home country. Shop tapas de empanadas hojaldradas and tapas de empanadas criollas from La Salteña and fill them with your favourite ingredients. Prepare ham & cheese empanadas, meat empanadas or whichever ones you prefer!

17th Nov 2023

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