Can I buy Argentine alfajores in Israel?

If you live in Israel you can still buy Argentine food. Dulce de leche, alfajores, chocolates, and yerba mate from Argentina are still available to you through Pampa Direct. This website offers worldwide shipping of products from Argentina and Uruguay.

In this online store you can find not only food-related products but also a wide variety of other South American items, like:

- Mugs, mates, thermoses and bombillas

- Kitchen accessories (grills, pie molds, tramontina knives, wooden plates, etc.)

- Cleaning products (cif, virulana, skip, etc.)

- Beauty and hygiene products

- Casual wear and sportswear

- Decoration items

If what you need is to send your own belongings to your new home in Israel (or to someone you know who lives there), then hesitate no more and contact Pampa Direct through this form. They also do personalized shipping, so you can send both: personal belongings or other products that are not uploaded in the page. For instance, if you buy something from another store like Mercado Libre, you can contact them to have your purchase sent to Israel.

16th Jun 2022

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