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It’s almost safe to say that Lionel Messi quit being just a great Argentine footballer a very long time ago. He’s not even the best in the world anymore. Today, Messi is a sensation altogether. He’s probably one of the most beloved people on the planet, and even admired by those who don’t share his nationality or traditions.

In recent years, both his skill on the field and his low-key personality have captivated millions of football fans. If you consider yourself to be one of these people, keep on reading to learn about all the Messi-related products available for worldwide shipping:

We've already seen members of the Scaloneta team enjoying this Uruguayan yerba mate, which seems to be one of Lionel's favorites.

Books that explore Messi’s fascinating life and career: his history, his achievements and the impact he had on the world of football.

Why Messi, the greatest player in history, didn't win any titles with the Argentine national team? In this book, you'll find the answers. Experienced journalist Ariel Senosiain conducted 68 interviews and achieved what no one else could: having everyone speak - from Messi's own father, to coach Alejandro Sabella and former FIFA president Joseph Blatter.

An example is ‘’Messimania’’, which includes questions for you to test how much you know about your idol.

If you want to share Messi's style, these are the flip-flops you need to get!

Celebrate the Scaloneta's victory by enjoying your coffee or tea in mugs that capture the moment when Messi kissed the World Cup after Argentina's victory in the 2024 Qatar World Cup. There are different models available!

Need to gear up to support your national team?

Order the Argentine flag and more cotillon items at Pampa Direct and bring a piece of Messi's legacy to your home today.

29th Apr 2024

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