How to prepare Argentine mate

Mate, Matecito, Verdes, Amargos, Matienzos, Matezulis, Matiolos. These are only some of the nicknames people use for mate.

Now… How does Messi and other people in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and other countries in South America prepare this infusion? Today we are going to teach you how to brew a good mate in only 5 steps.

Although it’s true that each mate drinker goes by their own rules, there are some steps you need to follow so that the mate’s flavor isn’t altered. This is the best technique to do it:

  1. Pour ¾ of yerba mate into your gourd.
  2. Cover the mate with your hand, tilt it to the side and shake it vigorously to distribute the yerba powder. This will help the components (leaves, stems & residue) distribute properly.
  3. Make sure the yerba is still placed at 45° and pour a bit of water to moisten the lower part and make the yerba swell. This will prevent it from going into the so-called ‘bombilla’ (the metal straw).
  4. Push the straw through the inner wall where there is no yerba. Once placed, don’t move it anymore.
  5. When the water you were boiling reaches the right temperature (75-80ºC), brew your mate. Pour the water into the hollow space, making sure not to wet the leaves. (It’s important to use the water at the correct temperature because otherwise it may burn the grass and completely change the original taste of mate).

This ritual consists of absorbing the properties of the herbs in each sip. The mate will lose its flavor over time and you’ll need to change the yerba - that’s how it works. But you can try preparing it the right way so that it doesn’t wash so quickly and the herbs last longer.


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