The real guide to prepare Argentine asado


That’s what almost every Argentinian will answer if you ask them about their Sunday plans. 
It’s an Argentine tradition. A mouth-watering one, if I may say.

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Ideas para realizar un asado de cumpleaños - Calle Meiggs todo donde comprar

So let’s go straight to it. Here are 12 tips to grill like a pro.

About the GRILL

1. The right height

It’s important not to put the grill too close to the fire. Some people do this afraid the meat won’t be well cooked, but the opposite happens: the meat is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

It is recommended to put the grill between 15-20 cm heigh.

About the FIRE

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2. Don’t run out of it!

Just in case, it’s always better to have more than you may need.

3. Firewood or Charcoal?

Firewood helps achieve a fresh and smoked taste, but it also requires double the volume and is harder to use. So, before choosing between any of these, think about the QUANTITY you intend to grill.

4. How to achieve the right temperature: A TRICK

Put your hand over the grill and count how many seconds you can keep it there before it starts bothering you.

  • 6-7 seconds: strong fire. Good for thin meat cuts.
  • 8-9 seconds: mid fire. Best for medium-sized, juicy meat cuts.
  • 10-11 seconds: low fire.

5. Constant temperature

The temperature should stay the same during the grilling process. If it starts to lower down, add up some ember. (You can even achieve 3 different temperatures in the same grill, as long as you manage the amount of ember used in each part of it).

About the MEAT

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6. Quality is an essential

There’s no way you can master Argentine asado without quality meat cuts.

7. Temperature is a must

The meat needs to be at room temperature for your asado to be yummy. If it’s still frozen when placed in the grill, that will only result in hard meat. So make sure to defrost it in advance! 

8. Knowing when it's done

Don’t prick the meat with a knife. If you do, forget about juicy meat, you will get dry meat instead! The best way to check its cooking state is to press the fork against the meat and figure:

  • Too soft? It lacks cooking.
  • Feels elastic? It is on point!
  • Firm? It is well cooked! 

9. Clean beforehand

For each meat cut to maintain its taste, the grill must be clean before placing the meat. Remember to take out all the remnants from other food you’ve cooked!

10. Don't rush!

The meat must be cooked in due time. If you speed up your asado, it will not be tasty at all. Patience is the best ingredient we can put into practice! Rest assured: if you give asado the time it needs, you won’t regret it.

11. Serve like a PRO

If you prepare a delicious asado but it gets cold, then all your efforts will have been in vain! The cooler asado gets, the more it dries. To avoid this: don’tuse metal trays when serving the food. These are heat conductors, so the meat will quickly cool. Best thing to use: wood plates! They preserve both: temperature and flavor.

You can find yours here:

Wooden Plate

Rectangular Wooden Plate

Wooden Pizza Pan Cutting Board

Eucalyptus Wooden Plate Perfect Cutting Board

Solid Wood Bowl Hand-Carved Dip Bowl

About the SALT

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12. Say NO to fine salt, and YES to coarse salt!

Coarse salt is easier to control and gives a better taste. But hey, whichever one you use, don’t forget to put it on both sides of the meat!


Searching for grills to start making asados? Look no further:

Mini Hot Tray Meat Warmer

Stainless Steel Mini Hot Tray Meat Warmer

Round Stainless Steel Mini Hot Tray Meat Warmer


Want any more tips? 

Grab your Asado BBQ Softcover Cookbook (Spanish Edition) by Luciano Luchetti ‘’Locos X El Asado: Toda La Carne Al Asador Libro’’ and you’ll be a pro in record time!

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