TOP 3 Argentinian Restaurants in New York City

El Mate

If you miss Argentine barbecue (known as ‘asado’ across South America), this is the restaurant you need to attend. Located at 550 Court Street, El Mate’s specialty is grilled meat or ‘parrilla’. Some of the menu’s highlights are: tira de asado, entraña, choripán, molleja, morcilla & salchicha parrillera.

Empanadas Café

Ordering empanadas for take away is like a ritual for Argentinians. Whether that is to enjoy them in a family reunion, in a meeting with friends, or by themselves on a Friday/Saturday evening, empanadas are probably one of the first options that come to mind when thinking about fast food delivery.

This Argentine restaurant, located at 5627 Van Doren Street in Queens, offers takeaway/pickup and also has the option to eat there.

There’s a great variety of options to choose from: meat empanadas, chicken empanadas, ham & cheese empanadas, cheese & onion empanadas and even vegetarian ones. The best of it all? For dessert, you can order homemade Argentine ice-cream.

Sabor Argentino

Located at 57 7th Avenue Street, Sabor Argentino stands out for offering a wide variety of dishes from Argentina’s gastronomy & cuisine. Sándwich de lomo, choripán, milanesa and empanadas are just some of the Argentine foods you can choose from.

As far as desserts go, two South American delicacies are available on the menu: dulce de leche pancakes and flan with dulce de leche. If you haven’t tried dulce de leche from Argentina yet, both options are a must!


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12th Apr 2023

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